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The One With the Rainbow Baby

Jocelyn and her twin sister have been in my life since we were all 11. My mom and their dad dated for a little while, and when they broke up the girls kind of just stuck around. We grew up together, they lived with us on and off throughout school, and we've so far spent our adult lives with a constant presence in each others lives. They are my sisters, both were bridesmaids at my wedding, and i always tell people i have 3 siblings instead of saying "oh yeah i have a sister and 2 step/half sisters(?)" it's as simple as them being as close as blood.

Jocelyn has always been the big personality, funny, outgoing, and not afraid to knock someone out for talking bad about her twin at a party. She's always been someone that owns up to her mistakes, and never lies to your face if you ask even if it's to spare your feelings. No matter all the hardships she's gone through whenever she comes home to us she is still the same Jocelyn I've known my whole cognitive life.

I'm so proud of her, and so excited to see the kind of mom she will grow to be. Her little boy is already so loved by my family. You see, this is the first boy we'll have in the family in a long time. Since my grandpa passed away 3 years ago there has really only been my dad and my husband and brother in law. it was always me, my sisters, my mom and my grandma. So you can imagine that a baby boy has been highly anticipated in the family. We've had 2-3 other babies born into the family over the last 5 years and they have all been girls. So finally! a little boy to finally welcome! i always joke about mine and my sisters husbands not counting because they married into the family haha.

So for this little rainbow baby, I wait with high anticipation to meet him and cannot wait for our family to grow that much bigger <3

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