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The One With Baby Grayson

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

My first nephew arrived January 12th at 12:22pm on a brisk winter morning in Duncan. I got the call at 6 am from my sister Meagan. I didn't answer the first call because, duh, it was 6am on Sunday morning and why would I want to take a call that early?? Then my phone started buzzing again so I figured "ok, this must be important"

"Jocelyn's in labor!!"

I immediately called my mom after that and she said "I'm literally putting my shoes on right now. are you coming with me?"

Let's just say I was out of bed within minutes ready to go and leaving my poor hubby behind to hopefully go back to sleep after the noises I'd made.

We drove the highway in the dark and made it to Duncan safely and excited to see how things were progressing. Labor had started at 5am and he was ready to greet the world by the afternoon! Jocelyn handled it so well. Everything went as well as it could have and she brought a beautiful baby boy into the world and named him Grayson Marcus Billings.

He is the sweetest and the loveliest little man I have met so far, and I'm so glad we finally have a little man in the family!

These are his 1 month photos, and I have to say he was so good during this shoot. I made the bed with a white duvet, tucked him into a white onesie and he worked the camera like the perfect little Gerber baby he is! We thought he'd be asleep the whole time considering her had just fed before we started and even gave him a small bottle not too long after, but he had his awake time through the whole shoot. As cute as sleeping babies may be, we got a little bit of personality out of him instead! He's a master of faces and sticking his tongue out!

I love him so much already <3

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