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Newborns of the Pandemic

One thing this pandemic has done is made a lot of new moms feel isolated. Where they normally would be showing off this new little life to the whole world, moms have had to stay indoors and barely see anyone, sometimes not even immediate relatives, are limited to how many support people they could have at the hospital, and are scared to go out in public for fear of their own health as well as their baby's.

I decided that, even though it didn't change the social aspect of these women having newborns in their lives, I wanted to help capture just how tiny and precious that stage of life was so they could share it with their loved ones in some way. Some of the moms I've met so far have been amazing, and, despite the negatives they've been dealt, have been handling it with grace and open hearts.

Marianna & baby Milena

Evelyn & baby Everly

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