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Klassen Family - Comox Valley, BC

I was chatting with Lindsay a bit leading up to their shoot and couldn't wait to meet her and her boys! Her and Ben live on a dairy farm in the Valley and I remember pulling up to the driveway thinking "oh wow I had no idea there was a house out here!"

As I got through the first gate I was pleasantly surprised by the property as it was a field I often drove by on the main road, but as I pass a line of tree's I'm opened up to a whole new area of vast wide open fields surrounded by thick tree lines and I was in complete awe. Like seriously I couldn't wait to be shooting on the property.

I finally pull up to their house and see one of the boys standing in the driveway. I was impressed by the outfit Lindsay had picked for him, then suddenly one by one each of the other boys popped out of the garage and I just smiled at how well coordinated they all were! The entire shoot was a dream!

Each boy was so excited to be getting photos done and Ben and Lindsay just radiated love for each other and their family, and it really shows in these photos. This will be a hard family session to beat honestly. I hope to work with them again in future!

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