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The One With the Fancy Baby Boots

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Michelle and Scott and their adorable little ones got in on a Mini Session for family photos! They are so sweet, and definitely have a lot of energy on their hands with young Linden! he liked to just go go go so it was definitely interesting getting him to sit for photos :P

Sometimes all it takes is asking them questions about their day, what grade they're in, how old they are, what they dressed up as for Halloween. Linden was a firefighter in case anyone was curious. Mila was definitely a bit more serious, but once she got her hands on some rocks she was smiling away.

I wish rocks made me that happy. It's like my mom always says, "why don't people cheer and tell me i did such a good job when i nap or s**t on the toilet?"

Was that a damper on the otherwise sweet theme i had going?

Just take a look at this sweet family and you'll forget all about my moms adult problems!

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