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The One With The Pink Sunglasses - Katie - Portrait Session

Katie is one of my all time favorite people to shoot with and she also happens to be a really good friend. We realized we hadnt done a shoot just me and her before, so we decided to spend some good ol one on one time for this shoot and I have to say this is one of my favorite portraits sessions so date!

I originally met Katie last spring back when Jade and I were trying to do creative meetups as often as possible. That's something I miss a lot now that I think about it. Katie had tagged along with another friend that frequently attends our meetups, and I remember thinking "oh wow she is strikingly pretty!"

I seriously still think that! Katie has this amazing smolder, she puts Flynn Ryder to shame :P (tangled joke I know I'm lame).

I'd told Katie I wanted to shoot some more street styled outfits since all I've been doing previously is showing off the dresses in my client closet and I was getting a bit sick of them. I just wanted a refreshing break from twirling dresses and start saving them for shoots like epic engagement or couples sessions or maybe even another empowerment session! She brought I think like 5 outfits (which i was super stoked about) and we settled with 3, all of which had a major summer vibe to them. Katie also brought her 4 legged friend Ozzy, whom is a rescue from Texas, and he happily ran about and even got in on some of the photos! Such a sweet dog. I seriously love it when dogs are brought to shoots! It livens up the party!

Anyways! This shoot felt like one of those milestones. I felt like I was pulling inspiration from 3 different photographers and trying new angles and new style! One thing I feel I've really grown on is direct sunlight. I used to be TERRIFIED of it. I would always try to find a shady spot and not want to deal with the intimidating harsh direct sunlight that I now face with certainty that I can make it my bitch haha. Since getting the hang of it I've created some seriously amazing shots with sun streaks that make me drool! One thing about golden hour is you seriously cannot pass up all those amazing shots, including backlit photos. Katie had a very California vibe in her leopard print skirt amiright??

Here's a shortened version of her gallery for your to enjoy!

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