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The one with the Queen of Dragons

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

SO my session with Ashley B came from one of the meetups that Jade and I like to host, and this one was very spontaneous! We originally were just going to do a styled shoot with one of our friends and suddenly we had a bunch of other people asking if we wanted to shoot with them so we decided heck! Let's get everyone together! It was another smaller get together, familiar faces and fun times, but we had a new face come in that day as well! I must say, Ashley is the SWEETEST! She'd reached out to Jade a bit before saying she was wanting to get her feet wet and try her hand at modeling, and we were all for it! We got to sport some of @mouseandquill earrings for the shoot too, which is made by this lovely lady, Erica, in the Comox Valley! She just started making these a few months ago and damn is she killing it!

I highly recommend checking her out on Instagram!

Does anyone else not see that Ashley looks like Emilia Clarke/Daenerys Targarian??? Dragon lady over here has the most gorgeous blue eyes!

Dress: Bootlegger

Hat: States of Summer on 5th Street Courtenay

Earrings: @mouseandquill

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