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The one where we got sand in places you don't want sand.

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

OK. So Michelle came to me through Jade, which is great because I always love meeting Jade's other "besties" (I'm her best bestie and she knows it :P) Anyways, my jealous self set aside except not because I ain't even jealous, Michelle was so wonderful. Honestly, this chick was nervous and shaky on the car ride to the location but the minute she was dressed and I had the music going she was dancing! She literally rocked her Self Love session by dancing it out and kicking sand in the air and laughing every time Jade made a funny! I've never felt so much energy from one person in front of my camera before. This girl was just being her best self and it sure showed! I don't think I've ever laughed that much during a shoot! Michelle kept saying afterwards how much fun she had, and honestly that was one of the most rewarding things that came out of the day. Right up there with how well the photos turned out and how much Michelle's bright personality shone through. It really pays off to let all the nerves go and just enjoy being you when you can because honestly it will make you feel 100% better if what everyone else thinks is not even a factor in your thoughts. Now everyone go take a look at how amazing Michelle is!!

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