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The One With The Pink Roses

Jade and I hadn't done a shoot together in a little while, and while we were sitting around thinking of what we should do for our next shot I was thinking "what have I been wanting to do for a long time now?"

A Bridal shoot!

Now mind you I put a small amount of effort in this one because I organized it in 24 hours, but all it took was a tulle skirt, and me standing in the floral section of a Thrifty Foods for 20 minutes wondering how the hell to make a bouquet.

We woke up at 6am to try and get that morning golden hour but it was cloudy, so I ended up using the cool moody and frosty tones to make it a more winter looking shoot! I love this skirt in action!

I do want to do a more styled bridal shoot in the spring and get some vendors in on the fun!

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