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Shay & Tylor - Tofino Elopement

One of my truly favourite couples and friends, there isn't much else I can say about these two other than how much I love that I got to be there through it all with them. From the day Tylor proposed to this beautiful elopement in Tofino at Tonquin beach, a beautiful friendship has bloomed for me with them over the year and I can't wait to see everything else that comes their way.

This was a bit of an unorthodox elopement, only because there was no actual ceremony. The pre-covid plan was for them to have a ceremony and have a small group of friends and family but back in the spring when Covid was bad and the shut down was happening they feared the future was so unknown so they just couldn't wait to make it official. They get married before we could even do their Engagement photos!

This day allowed them to still experience their small wedding but not have to stress about anything because they already had the legalities done. Tylor still got his first look of his bride in the dress, and we got to get some amazing photos of them dressed up and having fun in the wet moody weather that is the east coast of Vancouver Island. We couldn't have asked for a better day.

Best of all, I got to learn that morning that there will be a baby Bain in 2021!

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