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The One With The Lanterns - Kailey & Olly

These two were my first Elopement of 2020!

Kailey is a local Hobby photographer who takes some seriously stunning and deep portraits! I met her through Jade during a Halloween shoot that she invited me to join in on and it was honestly so fun working next to her.

She contacted me one day with a bit of a story. Both her parents ended up in the hospital on the same day for completely separate circumstances, and when her dad passed and her mom woke from her coma she realized just how important your time with your loved ones can be and her and Olly could no longer wait for the big day they were originally planning. They decided to share their love and their commitment to each other on Little Mountain in Parksville BC in front of maybe only 20 close family and friends.

Her little brother got to walk her down the isle and her daughter Molly got to carry her veil for her.

Olly had made the lanterns that Kailey and her bridesmaids held instead of bouquets and it was overall just a stunning day. There was not a dry eye there. The statement i heard more than once during that ceremony was "It was love at first sight" and you could see it in their eyes the love they had for each other without a dobt.

Highlight of the day (other than their beautiful vows) I got to take an under the veil shot and it did NOT disappoint!

Here's a peak of their beautiful day!

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