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The One Where I Check Myself Prt. 2

Oh hey, its that time! Check Myself!

So, over the last couple weeks I have been busy. I've been booking a fair amount of shoots and working with a few local Vendors and it's felt hectic. Last weekend was actually the first weekend I spent the ENTIRE TIME working on my photography. There are no longer enough hours in my day especially with my other 2 jobs. Thank GOODNESS daylight savings is next weekend!

Since my last post I have:

- Met with a new couple that are eloping in May.

- Watched the Canucks KICK the Bruins butts by a whopping 9-3 (HOLY!)

- Delivered 5 galleries.

- Captured a beautiful Elopement in Parksville BC on a little mountain top that I CANNOT wait to share!!

- AAAAAND managed to already post this a day late and it's only the 2nd entry for this series. (way to go Taylor)

Bookings: Coming up these next couple weeks I have an Engagement/Newborn session for a couple who's wedding is in May and they just welcomed a little baby boy into the world in January, as well as a vendor session with one of my favorite local ladies! I even booked a Sunset Session in April for a girlfriends birthday! woo!

Upcoming Projects: The Bridal Shoot is THIS WEEKEND and I'm low key so excited! My goal this week is to forage as much pampas grass and I possibly can and pray that it doesnt rain Sunday. I mean that's why you always have a backup location and/or date.

Still patiently waiting for the Self Love Marathon in May! (May is insanely busy in case you haven't picked up on that.) but I'm really looking forward to that.

Favorite Photo taken so far:

I FINALLY GOT TO DO AN "UNDER THE VEIL" SHOT HELL YESSSS!!!! You can certainly expect this shot from any couple that will be wearing a veil on their wedding day. If it's not for your personal preference, then it will be for mine lol. I may start a collage of all these shots I get with all my couples! This Elopement Gallery has not yet been finished or delivered but it will be on the blog soon!

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