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The One Where I Check Myself

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

OK, so I haven't been very good at being on top of my blog.

I keep thinking I need to have a session in order to post something but I guess that's not necessarily the case. I'm thinking I can start using these posts to start logging updates on me and how things are going with my business!

Bookings: Well, so far I have a total of 3 Elopements and 1 Wedding booked for 2020, plus several sessions for families, engagements and newborns! yee!!! What I'm hoping to improve on? Reaching a bigger audience and booking more weddings for the year! I definitely love all the elopements I'm getting though! So many wonderful couples and such intimate days planned!

Upcoming Projects: The Bridal shoot I have planned for March is coming along well! Just still missing a florist (low key stressy about it...) but I'm working on it! The girls I have helping me make this happen are so talented and I can't wait to work with them hand in hand on this shoot! One thing I've come to terms with is that not everything is as easy as it sounds in your head. I didn't expect finding Vendors that are available so hard :( I know nothing comes easy and you have to work for it. So I'm definitely not complaining at all! I will continue to work on everything and make it the best I can and take this as a learning moment. Whatever is lacking in the Vendor department will be made up by my crazy ass (I mean hey, the last bouquet I made wasn't half bad!)

Notes to self for futures styled shoots? ORGANIZE MORE IN ADVANCE. That is all.

The Self Love Marathon is way too far away but I'm super excited about it and all the wonderful women that are attending! It's just going to be so magical!!!

Family update: With my step sister having had her baby boy in January I'm getting lots of newborn content too! (as I'm sure you have all seen by now :P)

Favorite photo taken so far this year:

That's all I have for now guys! This is kind of like a news letter for the business side of things eh? I'm hoping to do these bi-weekly and keep everyone who's interested in the loop! This is part of my doing my best to have a personal presence on my social media so you can get to know me and who I am better!

Let the "Check Myself" newsletter begin!

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