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The One On Family Day

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

My family day involved driving further than I anticipated looking for a location I thought I knew the location of, wondering if it was going to rain, and having to deal with my keys getting locked in my car. You'd think 2018 models would automatically be made to recognize if the key was still inside, but alas, BCAA had to come to the rescue.

So a lot of people probably spent their family day with, well, family.

I did too in a way. When my family can't get together I look to my other family. My second family. The one's I spend my time with a lot considering they aren't related. but you know what? someone doesn't have to be related to you to be family.

I choose to spend a lot of my time with my friends because to be honest they are just as important as family but in a different way. I know with my family there are some things I just flat out would not talk to them about but I would definitely talk to my closest friends about it. Jade has been in my life for just shy of 2 years, and boy oh boy she is like a sister to me. We stir shit up and always keep things interesting. We are a constant support to each other and create together, and there's nothing I would do that i wouldn't want her involved in.

These photos were taken while we were waiting to get my car unlocked :P

Katie came alone, and I sure damn love working with her. I knew I needed her to model a couple of my new dresses for my client closet (and lets be frank they are also for my own personal enjoyment). Katie is like Jade in the sense where she just does her thing and knows how to work the camera. I hardly ever have to direct her and she is just so stunning and wonderful to shoot. Her fun and bright personality always shines through without a doubt and she always radiates the best of vibes. I always get excited working with her!

Then theres Ashley. Sweet, sweet lady Ashley. I love her for her pureness. She is real and feels emotions heavily. I love that because she is a passionate friend. It reminds me of my sister. They both feel emotions on a deeper level. Some people find that annoying traits, but I admire that they can feel emotions on such a level. I sometimes don't know what I'm feeling or how to process it. They just let it happen and go with the flow. Ashley is my fellow shorty, we tend to flirt with each other in a very "non-sexual lover" kind of way. All i ever want to do is just hug the crap out this woman. In the short time I've known Ashley she has become a dear friend of mine and Jade's and we plan on keeping her.

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