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The one where Cale and Monika elope!

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

These two melt my heart every time i see their photos! Cale and Monika contacted me only a few weeks before their elopement, and boy was i excited! I'd already had an elopement booked for that evening so at first i was worried i'd have to turn them down but to my relief they said it was to happen in the morning!

I was even more excited to learn that they were doing the ceremony in their officiants garden and boy oh boy was it ever lovely! I felt some serious Filberg vibes. That lady sure took care of her yard and it apparently was not the first time that she had someone get married there! It was just me, the officiant, and the officiants sweet mother (her and i acted as witnesses) as Cale and Monika's family were all in Alberta.

They'd mentioned they really like Goose Spit, which was awesome because beach photos are always a dream, and told me they were still quite new to the Valley and didn't know of many spots they'd want for photos so they gave me a bit of reigns on that one. I chose a couple of my favorite spots in that area, and we managed to get a lot of photos in the 2 hours they had me!

I loved how simple this ceremony was, they had nothing but smiles and excitement for each other, and you could feel that excitement the whole time.

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