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The One Where I Check Myself Pt. 3

So just when I start to implement a goal like posting this segment 2 times a month something like Covid happens. Despite my lack of timeline consistency with this, I'm determined to not give up on it and who knows. One day i'll probably be super consistent!

Since my last post:

-Legitimately quarantined for 2 weeks when my husband came home from camp.

-Avoided the news like the plague and just stay home as much as possible.

-Decided not to worry about how people treat this global situation because all it did was stress me out

-Shot an Engagement session at Birds Eye Cove in Cowichan for the first time! (It was a bucket list venue so that was AWESOME)

-Started the Front Step project and have shot over a dozen households so far! Love that it's keeping me on my feet and giving me reasons to still see people and make connections

-Still have an elopement this coming week which is AMAZING!

-Captured a surprise proposal!

-Oh! and me and the hubby have built an really sick bench for our back patio that just needs cushions to make for the perfect summer outdoor oasis!


I've had to cancel/postpone way too many sessions/weddings for my comfort. Made my heart sad. It's not as busy as I'd hoped for the spring season, but that could change at any point so I'm keeping optimistic!

Upcoming Projects:

Had to cancel the Self Love Marathon, and postponed the Rook and Rose Loft mini sessions for another time later in the year.

I'm still going strong on the Front Step Project shoots though

Favorite photo so far:

Before the social distancing was so heavily stressed back in early March Jade and I went our for a one on one shoot. No one else was with us, and we hadn't done that since probably October. It was amazing quality time, an amazing location, and the most perfect weather. I havent gotten around to blogging this full session yet but it's on my list for down the road for sure! I really played with lighting and angles for this shoot, trying new things and getting more details, but I just love that I did a classic lay down and shot upwards like this. I'm constantly learning new tricks and new ways of seeing things!

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