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The One With the Mini Champagne Bottle

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Shaylene had slid into my DM's and from the beginning I knew I needed to meet her. She had messaged me to tell me how much she loved my work and how she couldn't wait to come to the island and book a session with me for her and her boyfriend. The conversation immediately flowed into booking a session for during a trip they had in Tofino. Shaylene and I messaged back and forth on and on for the few weeks leading up to the session talking location and outfits and we were getting more and more excited the closer we got to the date of the shoot!

Now I sent them an email with a questionnaire like I always do with my couples, and they both got their answer back to me with much time to spare so I started prepping for their shoot. the week of the shoot I got an email from Tylor and of course in my head I wondered "what could he be emailing me about?"

as most photographers know the girl is usually the one to inquire about photos so having the other half email you themselves on their own brings on a bit of curiosity. I jokingly thought to myself "lol maybe he wants to propose!"

and to my surprise he did! He told me he planned to pop the question at the end of the session to "not ruin her makeup for the rest of the shoot"

I think I spilled literals tears of joy! I was so beyond excited that he was planning to propose and then I wondered how I was going to contain my excitement during the shoot if it wasn't going to be until the end!

Tylor managed to pull it off well! with very simple details to the plan it was perfectly executed!

The shoot went amazing. They were so wonderful and in love and just overall enjoying their session. They worked every pose and prompt as if they'd done it a million times and there was nothing but laughs and smiles!

When we figure we had about 20 minutes left of daylight left I said we would do one or two more poses before calling it. Tylor took a "water break" so to distract Shaylene I took some portraits of her.

once Tylor came back we managed to give each other a little nod to mention we were both ready to go. I played off like we were doing a new pose, having Shaylene facing away from the camera and having Tylor stand behind her. I sometimes wonder if I was actually that convincing that it was just another pose, but after snapping some shots of Tylor on his knee behind Shaylene, I told her to turn around. As someone who also never saw their proposal coming, I completely felt what Shaylene's expression portrayed. She was so blissfully surprised and so excited and speechless all at once and it was such a beautiful moment for the two of them. A beach all to ourselves, a perfect sunset, and a small bottle of champagne for them to toast with! It was a magical moment I will forever be grateful to have been part of.

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