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Matt &. Mary - Mt Washington, BC Engagement Session

I don't think I've worked with a single couple that hasn't told me "We're super awkward in front of the camera" or "We've never had photos done so we're going to be really weird".

These two were no exception, though the moment we started shooting I found it insane. Mainly because they were just amazing! I barely needed to direct them, because any prompt I threw at them their chemistry just took over and they radiated love and connection! Their infectious smiles and laughter made this session absolutely amazing.

I was less than a month away from my due date so I was absolutely eager to get their session edited before baby B arrived. After spending over an hour with them sinking into the snow knee deep and having to warm and dry my socks in the car on the way back down the mountain I was already giddy with excitement for their wedding day this summer.

This was the first of many amazing engagement shoots I will have this year and I can't wait to meet all my couples and create amazing connections!

Now enjoy these two love birds!

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